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Best Bible Journal for Beginners (9 Top-Rated in 2023)

Searching for the best Bible journal for beginners?

If yes, you’re on the right web page. This article is designed uniquely for that.

Quick Recommendations

If you’re curious or in a hurry, check out this quick list of our top picks for the best Bible journal for beginners in 2023. Alternatively, you can continue scrolling down to see our full list with short reviews.


With the endless list of bible journal brands on the market today, finding a model that’s designed for absolute beginners can be extremely difficult.

You’ll have to weed through a bunch of models and probably read lots of users’ reviews before you can find a bible journal that’s ideal for a novice user.

While this may sound like a smart thing to do, the wide array of brands available on the market today will overwhelm you. This may leave you frustrated or discouraged to search further.

As part of our commitment to helping you find any information or resources that will make your Christian life easier, we took the time and explored the Christian book market.

Our goal was to create a list of the best bible journals for beginners in 2023.

After several hours of persistent market digging and research, in conjunction with in-depth analysis of current users’ reviews, we were able to uncover the most purchased and highly-rated bible journals for new users in 2023.

Below is the result of our research.

Introducing our list of the top …

✅ Best Bible Journals for Beginners in 2023

1. My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide To Prayer & Praise

best bible journal for beginnersThe name says it all. It has up to 3 months page designed for note-taking and reflection on your relationship with the Lord. It doesn’t matter if you intend to use it for personal worship or Bible study in a group, this Bible journal is a great tool for building a solid relationship with the Lord. It’s among the most purchased and highly rated Bibel Journals on the market this year.

At the time of this writing, this piece has earned over 5000 ratings from its current users. Most of its users rated it highly for great quality and valuable content. This Bible journal is worth checking out.

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2. Complete Guide to Bible Journaling

best bible journals for beginnersIf you’ve never used a Bible journal before and are looking for one with a simple layout and easy-to-follow instructions, this is the right model for you. It offers a new and powerful way to engage with the Word of God through art in a creative and visual way.

You’ll appreciate the how-to section of this beautiful Bible journal. It provides practical instruction on painting, coloring, drawing, and lettering.

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3. My Bible Study Journal: A Creative Christian Workbook

best beginners bible journalJust like the number  #1 ranking model, this Bible journal has a 3-month of everyday journaling pages that are divided into 3 sections. The goal is to help you develop a strong relationship with God in your quest to study the Bible. On each journaling page, there are 3 sections, namely Prayer & Praise, Notes & Reflection, and Scripture.

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4. Inspired To Grace Bible Study Journal

This one is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with God. It’s a great Bible journal for either private use or for group Bible study. On each page, there is a space for writing down your thoughts and reflections on the Word of God.

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5. My Prayer Journal: Inspiring, Faith-Based Guided Journal

When it comes to choosing the best Bible journal for beginners with the most guided layout, this is the right one for you. It has a beautiful design with well-laid out questions and though prompts to stimulate your reflection and thinking on the Word of God. Plus, it offers plenty of space designed for significant writing.

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6. One Minute With God For Women

To those looking for the best women’s Bible journal for beginners, this is the right one for you. It contains up to 365 devotions designed to encourage and refresh you in your everyday walk with the Lord. The format is designed for easy access anytime and wherever you find yourself.

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7. My Prayer Journal

If you find it difficult to pray and get closer to God, this is the Bible journal that you need to turn things around. It will inspire you to start praying again and strengthen the relationship between you and the Lord. It contains lessons on how to pray with substantial space for writing about things you’re grateful for, confessions, self-reflection, etc.

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8. Mr. Pen- Christian Planner: Daily Bible Journal

This Bible journal will help you take the study of the Word of God to a whole new level. It has high-quality thick papers that will help reduce bleed through from certain pens while writing. It’s a hardcover journal constructed with sturdy binding that allows it to open flat entirely.

Regardless of your age, or level of faith in the Lord, th2 365 pages of prayers in this Bible journal will encourage and draw you closer to God.

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9. My Bible Study Notes

This one comes with a one-year Bible study schedule with a topical index to the Scripture. On each page, you can record the date and Bible the passage. In addition, there is a blank space on which you can write your thoughts based on the Bible verses that you’re studying.

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There you have it. Our list of the top Bible journals for a complete novice. Hopefully, this article help you find the best Bible journal for beginners on the list that appeal to you most.


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