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Welcome to Christianity IQ

We are a group of young Christians who are passionate about the Bible and love the Lord with all our hearts. Our journey in faith has been filled with highs and lows, but we have always found solace and strength in God's word. We started ChristianityIQ as a way to share our experiences, insights, and struggles with others who are on their own spiritual journey.

What We Do

We conduct in-depth research on various topics about Christianity

We interview Pastors, Theologians, and religious leaders on different topics about Christianity

We share our knowledge and experiences on various topics about the Bible, Christianity, and life in general

We share tips & advice based on Bible studies to encourage believers in their quest for a happy Christian life

We help broaden your mind on various aspects of the Bible & Christianity

ChristianityIQ user testimonial

ChristanityIQ has been really helpful on my journey to embracing the Christian lifestyle. The blog posts are easy to understand. And I like the fact that they share lots of lessons from Bible characters. I've recommended this website to many of my friends and they all thanked me for that.


I came across ChristianityIQ while I was researching a topic my pastor preached about at the church. I subscribed to the newsletter immediately after reading a couple of blog posts. I love the passion and energy of the writers, and the lessons that they share in their content.


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